Boise Cutthroats FC: Making a Name for Yourself


Boise Cutthroats FC have been one of the premier teams in the UPSL’s Mountain Conference for the last few seasons now. They’ve got a fantastic team on the field for just about every match and a high class kit to go with them.

They left behind the Modelo sponsored kits from last year and went with the team name in the spot that the Mexican beer’s logo used to be for one big reason. “We've played teams at home where our fans would ask who the other team was and where they're from,” says Boise’s Brian Buckingham, “Hopefully by putting our name front and center, it eliminates that question when we're on the road.”

The outfield players have either a black or white kit with maroon and “Las Vegas gold” stripes across the shoulders and down the legs of the shorts. The number on the back is gold with a maroon outline.

Their other kit is a bold maroon color with the same “Las Vegas gold” stripe across the shoulders and legs, this time accompanied with black. The numbers use the same colors as the stripes, a black number with a gold outline.

The goalkeepers kits have the same designs, but are long sleeves. One version is gold with navy and maroon stripes, while the other is black with maroon and gold stripes.

The kits were designed and manufactured by Admiral Sportswear based on the ideas of Boise’s Brian Buckingham and owner Hector Palacios. One aspect of the jersey that is pretty uncommon among modern kits is a collar that the Cutthroats added to the outfield players kits. “It's difficult to design a jersey that looks good with a collar,” says Buckingham, but honestly the collar works on these kits.

The team also has a really unique sponsorship package. On the back, above the numbers, features the name of Cancun Mexican Restaurant, an establishment in Boise. The really interesting part is the sponsorship package they give to their sponsors. “The different levels of support determine what spot we are able to offer,” says Buckingham, “Our packages include more than just a jersey spot, we add in things like field banners, social media posts, etc. In addition, we are willing to work with a potential sponsor. If there is something specific they are looking for, we will do our best to make it happen for them.”

Kits and accessories for the team are available here. Go show the club some love and get some beautiful kits in the process!