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Highlights of the Week 


Ranking the kits of founders cup

With all the buzz around Founders Cup, Steven Ramirez takes a look at the kits that make up the 11 club league. It’s a Uni-Formity list article that is sure to anger fans of certain clubs. Where did your club rank?

Player Profile: Sonimi Halliday

A NPSL veteran, Halliday has excelled with PDX FC, mastering the game to the point of promotion. This year he moves into the role of coach, so we sat down with defender to learn more about his soccer story.

Godspeed, all of us

When Daniel Workman and Chris Kessell sent their letter to USSF and FIFA, they put a match to a pile of gunpowder. How did we get here? How do we move forward? Dan Vaughn gives the background, the state of things, and the hope for the future.

What are we saying on Twitter?

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