Hialeah City FC: Going Smaller to Go Big


In a time where major jersey suppliers seem to only have a handful of base designs for top tier clubs in a cookie cutter fashion, lower league clubs like Hialeah City FC have looked to lesser known suppliers such as Spyro for unique designs in order to represent their team and community. Smaller manufacturers are willing to go above and beyond in ways that larger ones are not, as they are looking for growth opportunities. Hialeah City FC found a brilliant partner to give the a design that stands out in a crowded market.

Hialeah FC is located just northwest of Miami between the Everglades and Biscayne Bay in Hialeah, FL which is one of the largest Spanish speaking communities in the United States. Founded in 2017, the "Blue Fury" competes in one of the UPSL's most competitive divisions, the Florida Dade / Broward Division in the Southeast Conference, playing their home games at Kendall Soccer Park.

Though only two years old, the club has established youth teams from U-12 to U-19 and according to their website wants to give their players the opportunity to become professional or collegiate players as well as eventually looking to join the USL 2. Their kits already reflect this level of professionalism in their look. They are certainly professional grade.

Their emblem has a blue eagle whose wings spread in front of a soccer ball with their logo sitting above it on a shield-shaped crest. Their main color is a light blue that's as tropical as their South Florida home and is the base color of their home jerseys. While most teams have their stripes either vertical or horizontal, Hialeah FC chose for their darker blue stripes to run diagonal wrapping around the shirt which take after the tropical storms and hurricanes common to the South Florida area.

Their away jersey is mostly black with the left side of the shirt fading into blue diagonal stripes which resemble the wings of the eagle on their club crest with a similar design on each leg of the shorts. The goalies’ primary jersey mimics the outfield players’ home jerseys except in shades of Florida Orange while their goalies’ second jersey is black and purple with a Pollock-esque splatter design running diagonal through the shirt.

Image from iOS.png

Looking to become a more professional club and building a brand requires professional looking jerseys and crests and Hialeah FC seem to have already nailed that aspect of the business. They say that to make yourself successful, you should dress for the job you want to have. Hialeah City already has the look of a big-time soccer club, regardless of their short history. Expect big things from the club in the future as they look to progress off of two successful first years within a great community.

- Paul Kowalczyk

If you love this kit as much as I do, here’s the link to Hialeah City FC’s Store.