Player Profile: Jhonata Batista


The paths to soccer success are not the same for every player. In fact, every story is strikingly unique. Every player has to sacrifice and take risks to achieve their goals. It’s an act of faith - faith in the ability and skills you possess and the knowledge that you will continue to develop and grow those skills. Jhonata Batista’s path to Boston City FC started in South America and has led him to leave behind everything he calls home to find something new in the United States. His story is inspiring and reflects the dream of success being realized.

You have an interesting path to Boston, can you talk about your time in Brazil and how that contributed to your development as a player?

My time in Brazil was very good for my development as a player. Since I was really young, my coach on my local team would use me in the older teams. One year he signed my whole team in the older league, I’m sure that helped. The following year my coach registered me to play on the U20 team, and I was only 13 years old and starting and doing well and scoring goals. That was my first team called G10 with coach Gilberto in my home town.

What's the biggest difference between Brazil and the United States?

Soccer in the US has grown a lot the past years but I think a big difference I noticed when I got here was that the type of game was a lot of running and strength and long balls. Different from where I came from. My teams’ style would be always try to move the ball around and create plays through the wings or finding the center forward.

How about soccer wise? Are there differences between the two countries and their approach to the game?

Now with all the information and coaches experiences, Brazil and US is getting a similar way to play the game even though I came young here and I still think Brazil has a lot of quality and skillful players, maybe for our background, soccer was everything to me and it is for most of the Brazilian kids. I would breath soccer 24/7.

You've played for Boston's BSSL team and are now playing for their NPSL side, can you talk about that transition?

I actually have played in the NPSL the past three years and I knew how it would be. Last year I didn’t play for Boston, so when I came back the first team was already off-season so I wanted to help the second team in the Open Cup and get playing time playing in the BSSL as well.

How does the BSSL compare with the NPSL?

Boston City is new to the BSSL so there is three divisions and they started on the lowest so I would say it’s a huge difference. I’m not familiar with the highest divisions so I can’t say much about them, even though there are some teams with the capacity for growing in the league or in the US soccer.

Nice start to the season, 2 goals and an assist. Can you keep up this pace for the season?

My past seasons it’s been very good. I’m happy with the goals and the assist from the first game, but there’s much more to achieve. I’ve been working hard so I’ll do my best to keep helping my team, scoring goals or giving good passes and creating chances.

How would you describe your game?

I play as a center forward, so scoring is my thing, but I like participating in the game as much as I can, getting touches in the ball, making combination passes. The main ones I would say are receiving the ball with speed and putting pressure on the defenders.

Boston FC has changed up the roster in the offseason, how do you feel about your roster this year? Who stands out?

Our team this year has a lot of young and quality players. A good example of it is that we had seven players starters debuting on the team and in the league and they showed a great personality and passion earning goals from behind three times and getting that point away versus Hartford. We all have to work hard to achieve our goals so I believe in all of them!

Your division is a strong one, what does Boston FC have to do to make the playoffs this season?

I think the head coach Michael Bustamante is doing an awesome job showing us the way he wants us to play and all the players really believe it so if we keep a positive mind set and work hard on the pitch, we can definitely make it.

What music are you listening to?


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