New Media Organization Releases National Poll


A brand new organization in the American soccer system was announced last week. The Grassroots Soccer Media Union was formed with members from several websites, podcasts, and media outlets, including Protagonist Soccer. According to the organization’s press release, “The Grassroots Soccer Media Union is an organization dedicated to helping grow the lower league game by uniting and growing the lower league media. We have members from multiple media organizations and from many different mediums, including writers, podcasters, and videographers. We look to continue growing and continue strengthening the lower league media.” With no other organization of its kind at this level, the GMSU should act as a unifying force in the wide-open landscape of amateur soccer media. While some media outlets have so far been unwilling to join the Union, a large number have and the ranks are growing daily.

As part of the groups rollout, a new media poll has been announced. The GSMU Poll is a top 25 style poll voted on by the members of the GSMU, released every Monday. Clubs who play in the NPSL (the poll will include Founders Cup eventually), UPSL, USL League 2, and regional amateur leagues will all be included as potential candidates for the poll. It is a fact that one of the more difficult things to do in our complicated and convoluted American soccer map is decide how one league stacks up against another - if the best team in one could beat the best team in another. This poll seeks to form consensus based on the opinions of those that follow the sport on a daily basis.

The GSMU Poll Results for the inaugural Top 25 were released today at 12p ET. The poll certainly skews towards the NPSL with 9 of the top 10 coming from the league - including the number 1 in this poll, New York Cosmos B. The only non-NPSL top 10 club hails from the UPSL - the Florida Soccer Soldiers - and sit at number 4 on the list. With so many sides still getting their seasons started, it shouldn’t be a surprise if league play will shake up these standings in the next couple of weeks. The small sample size for most clubs meant the runs of many USOC participants played an oversized roll in their rankings. Regional sides NTX Rayados (19) and FC Denver (23) clearly both got bumps from their upset wins in the Round 1 of this year’s tournament.

Here’s the full list, with ties at 19 and 25. For more information on the methodology and clubs that also received votes, check out the press release linked in the previous paragraph.

1. NY Cosmos B

2. FC Golden State

3. Orange County FC

4. Florida Soccer Soldiers

5. Inter Nashville FC

6. Miami FC

7. AFC Ann Arbor

8. Cal FC

9. FC Arizona

10. Miami United FC

11. Hartford City FC

12. Greenville FC

13. South Georgia Tormenta FC 2

14. Des Moines Menace

15. The Villages SC

16. New York Red Bulls U-23

17. Lakeland Tropics

18. FC Waco

19. Detroit City FC

19. Laredo Heat

19. NTX Rayados

22. West Chester United

23. FC Denver

24. Reading United ASC

25. Chattanooga FC

25. Inocentes