Week 2 of the GSMU Poll: NY Cosmos B Remain #1, Florida Soccer Soldiers in #2 Spot


The results of week two of the Grassroots Soccer Media Union Poll were released this morning and the club in the top spot stayed the same. For the second week in a row, New York Cosmos B stayed in the top spot, but what follows the club did shake up a bit. Florida Soccer Soldiers split the number of #1 votes with Cosmos, earning four, and earned the #2 spot. The top ten of the poll continues to be NPSL-heavy, but FSS holds the highest spot by a UPSL side in the history of the poll. Des Moines Menace represents the only other non-NPSL side - the USL2 side jumped five spots into the #9 spot.

The polls demographics are changing as more journalists are added to the group - this explains the large number of first-time clubs, as well as some of the shifts in position that might be difficult to explain using on-field results. The Cosmo League makes its poll debut today with the inclusion of NY Pancyprian Freedoms at #22.

For the full results of the poll, including a list of all clubs who received votes, check out the Grassroots Soccer Media Union press release.

Numbers following the name represent the movement of the club from last week’s poll. N/A indicates the club wasn’t on last week’s poll.

1. New York Cosmos B (same)

2. Florida Soccer Soldiers (+2)

3. Miami FC (+3)

4. Orange County FC (-1)

5. Cal FC (+3)

6. Miami United FC (+4)

7. AFC Ann Arbor (same)

7. FC Golden State (-5)

9. Des Moines Menace (+5)

10. FC Arizona (-1)

11. South Georgia Tormenta 2 (+2)

12. FC Waco (+6)

13. Inter Nashville (-8)

13. Greenville FC (-1)

15. Lakeland Tropics (+2)

16. Red Bulls U-23 (same)

17. Chattanooga FC (+8)

17. FC Davis (N/A)

19. Hartford City FC (-8)

20. Brooklyn Italians (N/A)

21. Detroit City FC (-2)

22. NY Pancyprian Freedoms (N/A)

22. Duluth FC (N/A)

24. World Class Premier (N/A)

24. MPLS City (N/A)

24. Milwaukee Bavarians (N/A)

For more information from Grassroots Soccer Media Union on their poll and membership, hit up their social media account.

Dan Vaughn