Player Profile: Will Kidd

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When we look for success stories in the NPSL, the story of MPLS City is an eye-catching one. Through great marketing, backed up by solid play on the field, the team has grown into a fan favorite and a respected foe. One of the key players for their run of form is Will Kidd, a forward whose production has increased every season playing with the Crows. Last season, Kidd finished the NPSL season with 5 goals and 6 assists and was one of the catalysts that drove MPLS City to an undefeated regular season. After a quick exit in the playoffs, he and other returning players will be key in raising the bar this season with a deep run in the playoffs. We sat down with Will to discuss his progress, the Founders Cup, and what kind of cookie he likes.

You're about to embark on your third season with MPLS City, what's the best part about playing for the club?

I’m actually going into my 4th year with MPLS City but they best part about the club is the people. The staff truly cares about the players which makes you feel right at home. The players make every training session fun and challenging. The fans don’t get any better and make every game exciting. All of these people are the reasons why MPLS city is the best place to play the game we love. 

You also play college soccer, what school did you play for and what's the biggest difference (or differences) between club and college?

I just played my last season at the University of St. Thomas. The biggest difference between club and college is the physicality of college soccer. A lot of teams in college soccer like to play really direct and rely a lot on being bigger, faster, and stronger than the opponent to win games. Teams in the NPSL like to try to move the ball more and break down teams instead of dumping it over the back line and running onto it. 

You've increased your goals and assists year over year, what are you working on in your skill set to continue that trend?

I think I can credit my increase in goals and assists to two things. The first reason is just simply experience. Over the years you just learn what to do in certain situations in games through trial and error and I think that’s helped me a lot. The second reason is more on the mental and emotional side. Last year I found myself being more emotionally invested in each game whereas in past years I’ve just relied on my physical skills to get me through the game. Being one of the "veterans" on the team I made a point last year to try to be more vocal on the field which lead to more energy and emotion. Having each game mean something to you emotionally gives you that spark of energy that will allow to make that last run or that last tackle. 

As a veteran member of MPLS City, you've played against your fellow conference clubs, which match is circled on your calendar and why?

I think we don’t really try to make any game more important than others because all the games are important if you’re trying to raise the trophy at the end of the season. But at the same time there’s always outside hype around intercity rivals and teams that are at the top of the table. 

MPLS City is known for smart branding. What sets the club apart from others?

There’s no question that MPLS City’s social media presence is elite and is one thing that sets MPLS City apart from other clubs. Another thing that I think sets MPLS city apart from other clubs is that they are very professional with planning. Although I haven’t been to other clubs in the NPSL I think MPLS City does a good job with planning ahead whether it’s transportation, food, or hotel bookings which lets the players really only need to focus on the game. 

What are your long-term goals in the sport?

My long-term goals for soccer are to keep playing at the highest level I can for as long as I can. 

How's the club shaping up for this season?
With a lot of returners coming back to play again next year I think the team will be very strong again. 

A lot of focus is on the clubs entering the Founders Cup this Fall, as a NPSL player - are you excited about the expansion of the NPSL? Would you like to see your own club make that jump as some point?

For other teams the Founders Cup may be an exciting thing but not for this team. MPLS City is more focused on helping local players attain high level soccer in their backyard and for the fans to have a high level of connection to local guys. Joining the Founders Cup would be a large investment when we could find that high level of talent without going down that road. On top of that it would limit the development of MPLS City’s younger players because making that jump would be forfeiting NCAA eligibility. 

What should we expect from you this season?

You can expect me to give it my all every game. 

Chewy or Original Chips Ahoy?

Obviously original chips ahoy. 

What music have you been listening to lately?

 Any Chance the Rapper song. 

Massive thanks to Will Kidd and the MPLS organization for facilitating this interview.

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