The New MMSL Division One

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Fall 2019 is setting up to be a huge season for Maryland’s elite soccer league, Maryland Major Soccer League. In the off season, MMSL (Maryland Major Soccer League) announced that they would be expanding the first division from 6 teams to 8 teams. This is not a huge difference in size but in principle this is big news. It’s a sure indicator that the MMSL is healthy and looking to grow, which is great news for Maryland soccer. The league also followed up the expansion news with an increase in the cash prize for the winners of Division One. The eight teams will be competing for a prize of $2,500.00 and the crown of Maryland. For all the league teams, this is something legit to play for.

Since the league announced the change and update to Division One, the teams have also been confirmed. In the fall 2019 season, the following teams will compete: Academy FC, All Star United, Columbia FC, Christos FC, Izee Autobody FC, Maryland International FC, Steel Pulse FC, and World Class Premier. What a season this will be! For those of you who don’t know who these teams are, this is a great chance for you to get to know them.

Academy FC: Joined the MSSL back in the spring of 2015. Since then, they have had solid runs and never been relegated to Division Two. Back in 2017, the Academy took in a good number of players from the now dissolved Catonsville FC, which only helped to improve their level of play. Having finished in the middle of the table for most of their seasons, will the fall of 2019 be the season they win it all? Have they done enough for them to be the next kings of Maryland?

All Star United: The team is mostly made up of Super Delegate players and coaching staff. The spilt of Super Delegate lead to the birth of All Star Untied. A season after their MMSL debut, they have found themselves competing in Division One of Maryland Majors. All Star ended their debut season with a regular season record of 8 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie, and earning their spot in the promotion playoffs as the top seed in the South Division Two. Their season would end with a pk shoot out against Columbia FC. But due to their stellar performance, they earned their promotion ticket when MMSL expanded their top division.

Columbia FC: The Howard County power house - Columbia FC (CFCMD)’s home is the city of Columbia. They are truly proud of this, they make sure to be involved with the community in their city and work with business in their city to grow the awareness and soccer of Columbia. They joined MMSL back in the spring of 2018, making the playoffs each season but coming just a bit short of their promotion. However, with the expansion of Division One, CFCMD was one of two clubs to earn this promotion. We will see CFCMD fight for the crown of MMSL.

Christos FC: The empire of Maryland. The Cinderella run of Maryland. They are returning to the MMSL after losing the spring 2019 championship to Steel Pulse FC. They will be returning hungry for a title, having won the MMSL title 8 times since joining the league. We saw their first team, FC Baltimore Christos, lose to the NY Cosmos in the NPSL regional semifinals, just weeks after losing to Steel Pulse FC in the MMSL finals. Christos FC have taken serious steps to prepare for their season after the latest heartbreak. From adding new talent to the team to having a close scrimmage with one of Europe’s elite club, SL Benfica. You can expect Christos to be one of the main challengers for the crown.

Izee Autobody FC: Also known as Baltimore United, Izee Autobody FC is the reserve side for the UPSL side, Baltimore United, who made their debut in the UPSL this past spring season. They joined the league back in 2015 and won the league in spring 2017. Since then they have been chasing that same feeling. Now focused on winning the title and developing talent for their first team, will this season be different for Izee Autobody FC?

Maryland International FC: The new kids on the block. Having no links to any previous clubs in the MMSL and joining the league this spring 2019. Still in their full freshman year, they look to take on the big names in the Division One. Good luck to the 2019 spring Division Two champions.

Steel Pulse FC: Returning to fall 2019 as the spring 2019 Division One champions, Steel Pulse will defend their title, with the hopes of claiming back to back titles. Having joined MMSL in the start of 2018, Steele Pulse has already been Division Two champions before winning Division One the following season. Steel Pulse has quickly become a force in the MMSL. Will they become the first ever spring and fall champions?

World Class Premier (2): 2019 was a big year for WCP, winning the UPSL Mid-Atlantic division on their debut season. They are used to setting a high bar. Winning the MMSL title in the Spring of 2018, then joining the UPSL before becoming champs yet again. In the same 2019 spring season, WCP entered their reserve side. Now we will see WCP 2 play their second full season in the MMSL. They have spent a busy summer adding talent to both side of the club. However, WCP is not your typical side. They are a huge community team, they are holding their first ever invitational World Class Premier Cup Community Shield. They put this tournament together to help support the up and coming teams of the MMSL, it is their way of giving back to the community they are thankful for.

This fall will be an extremely tight race for the crown of the MMSL. Did you pick your side? Hope you are ready for the league to return in September 2019!

- Hector Monterroso