Steven's SoCal UPSL Rankings

Image from Pinterest.

Image from Pinterest.

SoCal UPSL has been in full force since the start of February. Some teams have had postponed matches due to the Cal South Cup and rain delays, so not every team has played the same amount of matches. To rank these clubs I have used the following criteria: record, goal differential, strength of schedule and specific match results.

Pro Premier

1. Cal FC: 2-0-0

Goals for: 15 Goals against: 3

Cal FC has only had two games to date thus far, but the club’s roster strength still sets them apart from many other UPSL sides. Cal will have a tough road ahead of them as they will face off against LA10, LA Wolves FC and FC Santa Clarita before they head into the last round of Open Cup Qualifying.

2. LA Wolves FC: 2-1-1

Goals for: 10 Goals against: 3

The LA Wolves have been one of the few squads who have been able to play in every scheduled match. In the first two weeks of the North Pro Premier season the Wolves went on to face two of the stronger contenders in division: Sporting San Fernando and LA10. After the loss against Sporting San Fernando and the draw against LA10, the Wolves have begun to get back into form - registering back-to-back wins, scoring nine goals in the last two weeks.

3. Cuervos FC: 2-1-0

Goals for: 12 Goals against: 7

The Crows have been busy this season, getting results in every game they have played. The season started off with a win over Gremio FC SD, who sat at the bottom of the table last season. Since week one, Cuervos FC have gone on to play new South Pro Premier sides, Galaxy PSC and City Legends FC. The club has a challenging three weeks ahead of it and will need to continue to perform against the stronger competitors in the division, but if it can register some good results the club can put itself in prime position to make the playoffs.

4. Newcastle United FC: 2-0-0

Goals for: 6 Goals against: 3

So far NUFC has only played the two new promoted sides - City Legends FC and Inland Empire FC, but managed to win both of them away from home. The next two weeks will prove to be the strongest part of the schedule and will provide a bigger challenge to the club that can ultimately define its place in the standings.

5. Sporting San Fernando: 1-0-1

Goals for: 5 Goals against: 8

In the club’s first two weeks, it managed to play against two of the stronger opponents in the division: LA Wolves FC and Cal FC. In the club’s win against LA Wolves FC, it earned a clean sheet and then turned around and scored three goals on the strong Cal FC side. The club’s schedule only gets easier from here. More positive results could help launch this club up the table.

6. Santa Ana Winds FC: 2-0-1

Goals for: 10 Goals against: 6

The Winds have had one of the weaker fixture dates to this point. One big surprise was the club’s home loss to the newly promoted Inland Empire FC. The club will have to balance the roster as it treks through a difficult few weeks before partaking in the fourth round of Open Cup qualification.

7. Inland Empire FC: 1-0-2

Goals for: 5 Goals against: 8

IEFC has made splash in its first season within the South Pro Premier. The club managed to earn the biggest upset in the season, after traveling to the Winds and beating the club 4-2. The club’s losses came at the hands of City Legends FC, a club they have never beaten in league play, and Newcastle United.

8. City Legends FC: 1-0-3

Goals for: 9 Goals against: 12

Last season’s undefeated side have gotten off to a rocky start, but have had to face the stronger squads in the South Pro Premier. They continued their undefeated streak against Inland Empire FC, beating them 3-0. CLFC’s schedule gets easier over the next few weeks and the club will have a golden opportunity to push themselves up the table.

9.LA10: 0-1-0

Goals for: 1 Goals against: 1

Del Piero’s new squad has only played one match to date, but managed to earn a draw against the North Pro Premier powerhouse, LA Wolves FC. The club will have a busy rest of the season as they prepare to make up more than a few matches.

10. FC Santa Clarita: 1-0-1

Goals for: 2 Goals against: 5

Rounding off the top ten is FCSC, who’s only win comes against Valley United SC, one of the divisions weaker sides. The club has many tough weeks ahead of them as they face off to some of the strongest talent in the division.


1. Alta California Sol: 4-0-0

Goals for: 18 Goals against: 2

In Sol’s inaugural year they have managed to dominate the competition. In the club’s first match they managed to beat Warriors FC, a squad who nearly won promotion into the Pro Premier last season, 7-1. Alta California Sol has a moderately easy schedule until the final few weeks of the season. ACS looks like a club that may go undefeated and earn and automatic promotion.

2. Anaheim Legacy FC: 4-0-0

Goals for: 22 Goals against 4

Strength of schedule drops Anaheim into second place in the power rankings, but you can’t ignore this club’s ability to score.  The club’s true test will happen in a few weeks where Anaheim will face stronger competition. If Anaheim can continue to score at this rate, almost six goals per match, they will make themselves a favorite for automatic promotion.

3. USA Soccer Stars FC: 3-0-0

Goals for: 13 Goals against: 3

The Soccer Stars are back in the spring season and have put themselves in the a place to earn promotion into the Pro Premier. The club has managed to beat new expansion side Rose City FC and 2018 promotion playoff semi-finalist, Warriors FC. The Soccer Stars have one of the more balanced schedules where they meet a top table club every other week.

4. Red Sharks FC: 3-0-0

Goals for: 9 Goals against: 2

This re-branded squad has started its 2019 with a bang. In its first three games the club has registered two clean sheets. While it is common for a Championship side to score goals, having a stout defense is often a rare occurrence. If the Red Sharks can keep earning clean sheets they can end up being one of the hardest squads to play against in the North Championship. Mark your calendars for the end of April, where Red Sharks FC take on Alta California Sol and USA Soccer Stars FC in consecutive weeks.

5. SoCal Troop FC: 3-1-0

Goals for: 18 Goals against: 4

Out of the undefeated Championship squads, SoCal Troop FC have had one of the stronger schedules to date. Even with that challenge the club has managed to earn two clean sheets, one of which was a 7-0 win over AC Miracle Hill. The troop have an easier road the rest of the season which could help propel them to the top of the table. Don’t be surprised if this squad jumps into first place of the South Championship division in the next few weeks.

6. Valley Lions FC: 2-0-1

Goals for: 9 Goals against: 6

This new expansion side started out with two big victories, before they lost to Red Sharks FC. The next two matches for the club see them facing two more unbeaten squads: Alta California Sol and USA Soccer Stars FC, respectively. If the club can manage points over the next two weeks, they put themselves in prime position to earn promotion.

7. Injen Total Football USA: 3-1-0

Goals for: 16 Goals against: 9

Another new expansion side that has made its way into the power rankings. Injen Total Football has demonstrated scoring ability, but have been unable to earn any clean sheets, even against some of the bottom of the table clubs. This new club will need to continue to battle through the schedule as they continue to face strong opposition until the last two weeks of the season.

8. Disciples FC: 3-1-0

Goals for: 18 Goals against: 4

The Disciples are off to a hot start after losing in the 2018 fall season promotion playoffs. Last season the club was one of the best defensive sides throughout the Championship and they look to have added some scoring prowess to its roster. The clubs beat Fontana International SC 9-0, which is the biggest win so far in the SoCal Championship. In the first four matches the Disciples have played against the four clubs at the bottom of the table. Every game from here on out will provide stronger and stronger opponents.

9. Santa Monica United: 2-1-0

Goals for: 11 Goals against: 2

Another new squad that has gone undefeated in the first few weeks of play. SMU look to have a fairly easy schedule until they hit April, where they will face off against the strongest clubs in the division. Hopefully the club can build off its last victory where they put in a six goal performance against Panamerican FC.

10. MAFO Inland Wolves FC: 2-1-1

Goals for: 10 Goals against: 7

Rounding off the top 10 is another Wolves expansion. MAFO Inland Wolves FC have managed to put out great results against top to mid table teams. Most impressive was the clubs last victory against California Rush FC, where they managed a 1-0 result, the clubs first clean sheet of the season. Over the next two weeks the Wolves will go on to face Anaheim Legacy FC and AC Miracle hill, before facing a majority of lower table sides throughout the remainder of the season.