Second Vital Vintage Kit Announced

Last year, Protagonist Soccer dipped its toes into the apparel market by partnering with Icarus FC to create a reimagined throwback kit. That kit was the Vampire Association Football Club, a club that existed in the early 1900’s in Southern California. Choosing that club was intentional. Protagonist has a big goal of growing knowledge of the American soccer history. What better way than purchasing a kit?

Today, we announce our second kit in the Vital Vintage line, Chicago Spurs. Rather than repeat the details of the club, which Dominic did a great job of covering, we are happy to share the kit with you now. We’ll talk more about the specs of the kit moving forward, but know that all Vital Vintage kits come with a customer designed sticker to celebrate the crest of the club.

The funds raised cover the cost of the kits, with any extra going to running the site. Buying a kit is a great way to support Protagonist Soccer. With the bonus of getting a slick, historic kit. It’s a win win win.

If you’d like to order one we have a special promo if you order it within the next 24 hours (end January 4, midnight). Use the code “DAY1” and get 10% off the kit. 24 hours. Use it or lose it.

Chicago Spurs (1).jpg
Lola Vaughn