Maryland Majors Soccer League Announces Preseason Tournament

Maryland Major Soccer League is set to announce a pre-season league tournament. It will feature four MMSL teams. The confirmed teams are Columbia FC, Kickers FC, All Star United, and MD International. The winner of this tournament will earn a prize of $2,500 and the runner up will earn $1,000. The tournament is set to take place on August 24th at Latrobe Park. This will be a full day tournament from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM. It will be a great opportunity for these clubs to bring in some extra funds and a good chance for these clubs to get in some extra preparation for the fall season.

In a time where many are shifting focus to club over league, this is a league doing it the right way. This tournament is yet another example of the great work MMSL is doing to help their teams survive and find financial stability. Other leagues should pay attention to what is going on in the Maryland Majors Soccer League. There is much speculation around what the league has planned, but they all point to two things. One is the growth of the league and the other is the fortification of its clubs.


Another announcement that is going to be made is that current MMSL club, World Class Premier, is going to co-host the tournament. This is huge for the club. It shows how financially stable this club has become. 2019 has been a great year for WPS. They joined UPSL for spring 2019, then went on to win their division, but unfortunately they lost in the quarterfinals in UPSL’s National Playoff. Now they are taking all their success and giving back to both the league and state that helped them get where they are.

When speaking to WCP leadership about the tournament, they made it clear their focus was on sustaining local soccer. “We know there are some teams that need help and we will continue to be a helping hand for them. We are blessed, and we are not about just talking about building a community that is inclusive. We are all about action and we hope this is the first of many to come in the future”.

WCP is a class act and setting their own path and always living by their motto, “Play the right way”.