Maryland Majors: Christos Qualify for Championship Match and the D2 Playoffs Continue


Division One

Last week, we saw Christos FC handed their first loss of the season by Academy FC. However, with another win yesterday, Christos takes the top seed. They will be heading to the Championship game for the title.

Steel Pulse FC claim second place and Academy FC are safe at the middle of the table. These two teams take seed 2 and 3 respectively. They will face off to see who takes on Christos in the title game.

Super Delegates are out of the bottom two spots of the table. The World Class Premier, the reserve side of the almighty UPSL side, came close to earning “auto-relegation” to D2. But WCP are not safe yet, we will see them face off in a playoff to keep their spot in the top division next season. They will play against the finalist who doesn’t win the final round of the D2 playoffs.

Izee Auto FC, with a 3-0 Loss against Christos FC, have sealed their fate. They are now set to return next season to D2. Despite a hard fought performance against Super Delegates FC last week, they only walked away with one point. Though as well as they played, a win was not too far from reality. They followed up that game with a loss to Christos FC. We will see them try to earn their way back to division one next season.

Full Table Standings:

Christos FC 8-1-0 (Championship Final)

Steel Pulse 6-2-1 (Playoffs to Championship)

Academy FC 3-4-3 (Playoffs to Championship)

Super Delegates FC 3-5-2

World Class Premier 3-6-1 (Playoff match)

Izee Auto FC 2-7-1 (Auto Relegated)

Division 2

Last Sunday was a magically day for Maryland Soccer. We saw some upsets, a PK shootout, and some dominate performances. It was something you had to see with your own eyes. Here are the break downs of the games:

FC NIM 3 vs 4 Maryland International

The match of the new comers - FC NIM were the favorites to win the match but would go down to Maryland International. The winning team pulled a magical result out of their “futbol-hat.” This was a boxing match! Both teams would answer a goal with another goal. We would see counter-attacking soccer vs transitional soccer. A 4-3 victory would see MD International advance to the next round.

Sure Sport 0 vs 3 AFC 16

This match would see a former ASL side vs the MD Majors New Comers face off. The second upset of the playoffs, just days after AFC 16 earned their playoff spot on a 4-2 victory over FC NIM. AFC 16’s high seemed to continue, which would lead them to win 3-0 against the former ASL side, Sure Sports.

La Dolce Vita 0 (PK4) vs (PK5) 0 Columbia FC

The historical side vs the Howard county powerhouse. This was the match to watch. With two high attacking teams facing off, the game went the way that we expected. Both teams fought for possession, they attacked, and the ball movement was there. However, they could not find the back of the net. The game would end nil-nil. Then came the penalty shootout. La Dolce Vita would start off on the wrong foot, missing the first PK. Columbia FC would take advantage of that, making two back to back before missing their third PK. La Dolce Vita would make four consecutively and would miss their sixth PK. Columbia FC would not - they made 5 out of 6 - earning the win to move on to the next round.

All Stars Utd 6 vs 1 Blue Side FC

The match between the former delegates vs the Mason-Dixon SL champs. The All Stars put on a dominant performance, putting away six goals on the former champs. It is not to say that Blue Side did not fight, because they did. They put on a show with a few chances but only took advantage of one goal. Aside from that is was a United show. They showed everyone that they are All Stars and no longer delegates. United advances to the next round.

Image courtesy of  Blue Side FC .

Image courtesy of Blue Side FC.

Here is what the semifinals of the playoffs will look like:

AFC 16 Dobes vs Maryland International Athletics FC

Columbia FC vs All Stars United

- Hector Monterroso