Protagonist Soccer and NPSL announce Media Partnership

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Beginning November 29, 2018, the National Premier Soccer League and Protagonist Soccer have entered into a media partnership. This relationship will broaden the focus and enhance the depth of coverage provided by Protagonist Soccer to the NPSL and its clubs, players and connected subjects.

In three months, Protagonist Soccer has emerged as a frontrunner in lower tier soccer media. By focusing on the stories of amateur soccer clubs, Protagonist has brought a renewed energy to soccer fans across the country. The staff of the site believes that if the public connects to the clubs and players of the lower leagues, the leagues can grow and develop into a solid and stable base to the American pyramid. With this goal in mind, Protagonist focuses on telling the stories of the lower tier - the players, the clubs, the owners, the fans - these stories are the connective tissues that will grow the body of American soccer.

National Premier Soccer League has grown into a strong and functional league since its founding in 2003. Now spread across 29 states, the league is 92 clubs strong with more expansion planned. With the upcoming launch of NPSL Pro, NPSL is positioned to be one of the most important forces driving the development of a strong foundation for American soccer. Proven leadership, established clubs, stability and growth, all hallmarks of the NPSL.

Protagonist Soccer looks forward to developing the relationship between our site and the NPSL. We will strive to offer the best coverage possible, coverage that focuses on growing the game, enhances the fan experience, and connects the American soccer customer with a quality national league.