Protagonist Soccer and Northern Ohio Soccer League Announce Media Partnership

Protagonist Soccer is pleased to announce that our organization and Northern Ohio Soccer League have entered into a media partnership. The goals of this relationship are to bring more attention to this emerging league and to expand the coverage provided by Protagonist Soccer to NOSL, its member clubs, and players.

After almost a full year of operations, Protagonist Soccer has continued to blossom into the primary provider of coverage in lower tier soccer media. The goal of the organization has always been to grow the game - across the country, in every city and neighborhood - through superior coverage. Regional and local soccer leagues are absolutely necessary to maintain the health of the American soccer pyramid. These leagues underpin the entire national soccer pyramid and should be given the same level of media attention as national and professional leagues. Protagonist Soccer is seeking to expand the coverage of regional soccer and, in turn, spark more interest among local soccer fans across this country.

Northern Ohio Soccer League was founded in 2017 and has since progressed through their first season of operations. The league currently has five clubs: Amish County United, FC Accipiter, Inter Ohio FC, Stark County United, and Wayne Rovers. The league has plans to continue to grow and expand, seeking like-minded clubs and players, dedicated to developing amateur talent in northern Ohio. FC Accipiter was recently crowned the 2019 NOSL Champions, defeating Amish County United on July 13th. Led by NOSL Director of Operations, Braden Mast, and League President, Tyrone Hostetler, the league will continue to focus on growing their influence and impact in the region.

Protagonist Soccer looks forward to developing the relationship between our organization and Northern Ohio Soccer League. We aim to give this league the best coverage possible, telling the stories that populate these leagues all over the country. The goal of this agreement will always be to grow the game, by highlighting the excellence of a powerful regional league.

For more information on Northern Ohio Soccer League, go to their site or their twitter account.