A Preview of the 2019 Maryland Majors Playoff Picture


Maryland Major Soccer League is back at it again. Division one is close to crowning a champion. This weekend will set the stage for the crowning.

Christos look to continue their season-long undefeated run. This has been a great accomplishment given their cup runs that ended as Rowland Cup finalist, Stewart Cup Champions, and Amateur Cup Region 1 Semifinalist. They head into the weekend with two points clear of the second seed and two games in hand, a victory would all but ensure they take the title on their first season back in the Majors.

In Second place, newly promoted Steel Pulse FC ended their season with 9 points ahead of third place. This was their breakout season, they handled it very well, showing everyone they are here to compete.

Izee Auto FC is looking to fight their way out of auto relegation. They are set to take on Super Delegates FC this Sunday and then we’ll see them take on Christos FC. Two wins will give them a fighting chance.

Match day: 6/16/19

Christos FC vs Academy FC

Super Delegates FC vs Izee Auto FC

2nd Division:

South: The regular season has come to an end and the top four seats are set to start their playoff runs. The South table is set with #1 All Stars Utd (8W-1L-1T), #2 Sure Sport (8W-2L-0T), #3 Columbia FC (6W-3L-1T), and #4 Maryland International (5W-2L-3T). All Stars Utd, who is mostly made up of former Super Delegates FC players and staff, sitting at the top of the lead with 25 points and 8 wins and 1 tie. They look to earn their promotion for the chance to face off with some familiar faces. Sure Sport, the former ASL sides looks to keep the good form going into their first ever season in the Majors. With 24 point and 8 wins, the only thing keeping them from first is a 1-point difference from the top of the summit. The Howard County power house, Columbia FC, find themselves in a familiar position. Their third season in the Majors and their third promotional playoff run, let’s see if this season’s story ends differently. The newcomers, Maryland International, their first ever season and an impressive run. Good luck to the new MMSL side.

North: With one match left to play in the regular season, AFC 16 vs FC NIM, the result of this match will have huge affect on the table. As it sits right now: #1 FC NIM, #2 La Dolce Vita, #3 Blue Side FC, and #4 Hearts of Steel FC. A win for AFC 16 would see them move into third place and Blue Side FC into fourth, kicking Hearts of Steel FC out of the race for promotion. A win for FC NIM would keep the table as is.

The playoff North representors who have already qualified, the new Majors side, FC NIM, put on an impressive freshman run, earning them a chance of promotion on their very first crack at the most elite league in Maryland. A historical side, with four Maryland Major Champion crowns already under their belt. They made a return this season, after an extended absence from the league since 2014. We will be watching to see how this historical side fight to earn their way back to division one play for the next season. “Music, Food, Football.” The famous words Blue Side FC live by. This team is all about having a good time and the Fall 2018 Mason Dixon Soccer League Champs surely did just that this season. They made the switch from the Mason Dixon Soccer League to the Majors this season and they showed us what Frederick football looks like.

Now as for the fourth and final North team is yet to be set for the playoffs, one thing is for sure: the promotion playoffs is going to be something special.

Regular Season 6/13/19:

AFC 16 vs FC NIM

Promotion playoff matches 6/16/19:

FC NIM vs Maryland International:

La Dolce Vita vs Columbia FC

Sure Sport vs Blue Side FC

All Stars Utd vs (Heart of Steel or AFC 16)

- Hector Monterroso