Los Angeles joins the battle in the NPSL South West

I just want to say that we are really excited and we are going to do some fun stuff in Los Angeles: within the community, with soccer, as well as [within] the NPSL. We look to be good representatives of the Southwestern conference.
— Harry Tachian

Every new soccer season brings new clubs. Regardless of which soccer league you look at, expansion is just a function of this growing culture.  While some fans in this country continue to wait on the Miami Beckham expansion, the NPSL has continued to develop roots in small and major communities. The next major city to hit the NPSL roster, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles United Football Club held it's introductory press conference in the heart of Los Angeles, and Protagonist Soccer was there to cover it. The venue was intimate and extremely comfortable; it had the appearance of Los Angeles, and the spirit local soccer.

LA United FC is led by Harry Tachian, a passionate soccer fan, successful businessman and entrepreneur who is looking to bring new flair to the Los Angeles soccer scene. Joining the already crowded Los Angeles market may be challenging, but Tachian looks to bring in his own “...style of fun and passion” to his new city, while promoting the diversity within Los Angeles.

That’s the beauty of LA and that’s why we are called Los Angeles United. We are in a very diverse city, and that’s what I want to focus on. Whether that’s Latino or any other culture or race. We are open to everyone.
— Harry Tachian

Harry Tachian and LA United have over six months until the start of the 2019 season, but still have plenty of work ahead of them. One task LAUFC has been quick to tackle, is it's need of a home stadium. “ We've identified a few locations and venues. We are in the midst of [discussions] and we will be making that announcement once we have that [ finalized].”

The stadium isn't the only thing that needs to be local, the players also need to reflect the community and the values of the club. While United has yet to roster any player, they continue to plan tryouts and search for the team members that can bring a competitive edge to the club. When asked about a preferred play style, Tachian replied,  “ I will be looking for a coach and trainers that will implement different styles. Bring something new and mix it up. There is no one style to play. Soccer to me is like philosophy, it's an art work.”

LA United becomes the eighth club in the NPSL Southwestern Conference. Harry, whose always had a dream of owning a soccer club, met Brandon Jantz (owner of Temecula FC) and immediately struck a bond with him and the NPSL. “The NPSL has a certain camaraderie that I appreciated” said Tachian, who was impressed by the South West slogan: “ partners off the field and competitors on the field.”

Passion planted the seed the seed that is LAUFC. As the club continues to grow, it's roots will burrow deeper within the community creating players, coaches and fans. Every season that club will bear new fruit, helping the entire community prosper. I for one looked forward to that first harvest and the flavor Los Angeles can bring to the NPSL.

Lola Vaughn