GCPL Affiliates with USASA


It was announced yesterday that the Gulf Coast Premier League has become direct affiliates with the US Adult Soccer Association. As someone who has been keeping up with GCPL news and events over the last couple years, I am honestly surprised this wasn’t accomplished sooner. This doesn’t mean they weren’t affiliated with USASA prior to this announcement, rather it’s that they had to go through the Louisiana Soccer Association for sanctioning.

What I like about this affiliation is that it allows for the potential of seeing GCPL push UPSL as the top league below NPSL. While UPSL is currently a nationwide league, GCPL has stayed true to its roots along the Gulf Coast. However, with the recent addition of the newly formed Greater Plains Premier League (launching in 2020), GCPL seems poised to supplant UPSL.

I’m hoping to see GCPL and their brand expand over the next few years into new partnerships with other regional and state leagues. I say this as a fan of the league and someone who has talked directly with leadership of the league and liked what they said. My suggestion? Keep an eye on what GCPL is doing.

- Shawn Laird

For more information on this story, check out the GCPL press release.