Player Profile: Felipe Oliveira


When examining the NPSL, there’s always a few teams that come up. Detroit City FC, the New York Cosmos, Miami FC, and Chattanooga FC. CFC is one that always seems to be on everyone’s radar. They’ve got a fantastic reach and reputation, they’ve got some of the league’s most passionate supporters, and they’ve consistently fielded a very good squad. Recently, they added a new member to this squad. Felipe Oliveira joined in 2017 and has spent the last two seasons with the club. He has also recently signed to CFC for their inaugural season as a professional club. I had the chance to talk to Felipe about his time with the game and what it’s been like since he arrived in Chattanooga. 

- Aarik Long

When did you first start playing soccer?

I've been playing ever since I can remember learning how to walk. My dad said that since the first day he took me to my first soccer practice, I've always been crazy about the sport. It made me who I am today.

What other teams/clubs have you played for?

I've played for Florida Rush, where we won back to back regional and Disney Showcase championships as well as the national championship our U-18 year in 2012. I've also played for Pensacola City FC and Memphis City FC (both were in the same conference as CFC). 

What brought you to Chattanooga?

I came here for preseason my freshman year at West Florida playing for Bill Elliott and since then he's always talked about how great the city, fans and club were. It finally all worked out for me to come here for the 2017 season and here I am! 

Were you recruited by CFC or were you looking for an NPSL club?

I was recruited by CFC, I played for Bill at UWF all my 4 years.

What’s been your favorite part of playing for CFC?

My favorite part is definitely the connection with the Chattahooligans and the rest of the fans. It's like a family.

What are your top three moments ever on a soccer field and why?

  1. It was definitely playing against Atlanta United, playing against Tata, Martinez, Almiron and the rest of the team in front of 12,000 fans against an MLS team was by far the best moment on a soccer field.

  2. Second I would have to say winning the National Championship with Florida Rush, our team was extremely talented.

  3. My third I would say was scoring my first goal at finley against Seattle, I've always wanted to score at finley to celebrate with the hooligans.

Who has been your biggest inspiration to play?

I would say my parents, I could tell they love watching me play as much as I love playing.

What does it mean to you to be one of the early signings for CFC as they move towards being a professional club?

I'm extremely grateful to CFC for believing in me and giving me this chance that at one point in my life I thought it was impossible. I hope I can repay their trust in me with goals and trophies! 

Rapid Fire Round

Favorite game day meal?

I like to eat rice and steak about 5-6 hours before game time and something light before I leave the house.

What’s your game day playlist like?

I like to listen to Post Malone on game days, but it all really depends on what good songs are out.

Favorite non-CFC club?

I’m a huge Barcelona fan!

Match that you’re most looking forward to?

I’m definitely looking forward to the Detroit game. They have an awesome fanbase as well and are very much like CFC so that shall be interesting.

Player you most model your game after?

I love watching Messi and I would say that’s who I play like.

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