The Democratic Approach to Kit Design


One of the side benefits of the massive expansion of lower league soccer leagues is the amazing number of beautiful designs. We’ve tried to give exposure to these designs in our weekly Uni-Formity column. One of the clubs we’ve highlighted is Dynamo FC. If you haven’t read that article, you should; it’s a great piece of writing.


Dynamo FC plays its matches in the MASL (Minnesota Amatuer Soccer League) and has had back to back seasons of promotion, from the fourth division up to its current division, the second division. While the kits have little to do with the great play on the field, it hasn’t hurt the club’s appeal to fans and interest on social media. After the success of its last season, the team decided to shake things up with a kit redesign. We spoke with Logan Lommel, a player and one of the club organizers, about the process on the kit design and redesign.

What emerged quickly from the conversation is that the aesthetic approach, from the very basic aspects, has all been democratically approved by the team. Even the team colors. “No other team in the area in any sport had this combination, and it fits the electric scheme. Plus, the players and coaches loved the combination when we voted.” That approach, taking a vote, is the highlight of this winter kit redesign as well, but more on that a little later.

For a club so young, a fresh kit might seem unnecessary, but Lommel doesn’t see it that way.  “It’s a great way to get our club out there. People are always excited to see new uniforms, and we are always looking to outdo ourselves.” And the excitement is showing online with each new announcement about the kits; fans are liking and retweeting the posts. But the social media campaign is the final step in a process that had begun much earlier.

“We wanted to make a kit with a base color of white for our home kit because last season we ended up wearing our whites the most. Players and managers came up with all sorts of different ideas, and then Eduardo [Eduardo Silva, club manager] sent them to Stimulus. Stimulus came back with eight of our designs nicely polished, and then as a group we narrowed that down to five. Once we had the five, players at tryouts along with other Dynamo players voted on their favorites. We took the top three to our social media on Instagram and Twitter. Now it is in the hands of the community to choose what they want our home kit to be.”


And that’s where this process is at the moment and it will remain until Christmas Eve. The club is asking for fans to vote the final choice of the kit. So far, the voting has been energetic. “#2 seems to be the most controversial one…#3 seems to be the most popular, but many have talked about #1. It will all come down to the 24th when we look back, and count the votes.”

Just a note, if you want to vote, Logan pointed out that some fans have voted on Twitter but forgot to RT the original post. So here’s the link to the original post. You need to RT for your vote to count. We’re eagerly awaiting the results (but you should vote for #3).