Player Profile: Carlos Herrera


Laredo Heat SC put together a massively successful year in 2018. It’s first year in the NPSL, the club went undefeated in the regular season finishing 10-0. The key to their run was a stalwart defense that only gave up 4 goals in 10 matches, leading to a +33 GD. A principle part of that backline was Regional XI, goalkeeper Carlos Herrera. A college standout at Texas A&M International, Herrera has decided to return to Laredo for 2019. We sat down with Carlos and asked him questions about his approach to keeping, Founders Cup, and which cookie he’s munching.

When did you decide to become a keeper and what drew you to goalkeeping? 
I was born in México and moved to California at the age of 4. I have very few memories, but one of the most vivid is playing soccer in the streets with my cousins. Eventually there was just a love I developed for the position. I wouldn’t say there was a particular age, it just happened for me.

Seems like a lot of pressure would rest on you during matches, how do you deal with that?

I absolutely love the pressure. I believe I have gotten better at managing pressure, and use it as motivation instead of panicking. It also helps enormously when you trust every single one of your teammates and coaches.

Last season was pretty spectacular, ending the regular season undefeated, how do you top it?

I believe the main goal of this team is to make a good USOC Run and to win silverware in the NPSL. Of course the undefeated is incredible, but what the team wants is a national title. Personally I don’t care for a blemish or two, as long as we can go as far as possible in the run for a national championship. 

You were pretty instrumental in that success, earning all region honors, what have you worked on to be even better this season?

I have been working on decision making on top of keeping my technical work sharp. I also try and watch as many professional matches and observe the keepers and take notes on their decision making, positioning, and their distribution. 

What kind of training routines do you do on a daily basis?

Currently I have been lifting weights 3 days a week, and doing some type of intense cardio the other 3. On top I do core and pushups every day.

When you are facing a PK, do you look for clues or just pick a side and dive?

For a Pk I look for body language, their approach to the ball on their run up, body positioning, and their visual cues.

Much has been made of the Founders Cup roll out, as a NPSL player how do you view that expansion?

The Founders Cup seems like an interesting addition to the NPSL, but I am curious as to how it would work since many teams have a base of college players, who happen to be in season during those months. 

Do you see playing professionally in your future?

Yes, I aspire to play professionally as soon as possible. I believe that is every kids dream as they begin to play.

While from California, you've played college and league ball in Texas, so what about the state explains the massive expansion of soccer here?

With so many schools in Texas, all which have talented players, it is understandable that there is constant league expansion in Texas, since the demands for teams to partake in over the summer is very high.

Chips ahoy: crispy or chewy?

Unpopular choice, but chewy all the way.

What music are you listening to lately?

I am a huge fan of Electronic Dance Music.