Providence City Partners with AwayDays for ProjectGoal


We’ve written about the iconic image of Providence City’s badge. The skull and crossbones on the black badge is certainly an intimidating look for an opponent to be staring at across the field. The Rhode Island club has had several successful seasons in the Bay State Soccer League, and has now risen to the top tier of the three tier league. Aside from delivering results on the field, the club has excelled at branding themselves and building a reputation for savvy social media usage that has brought eyes from all over the world. Fans or foes alike respect the club and the way they operate.

Available for pre-order this week only.

Available for pre-order this week only.

Announced over the last several weeks and going live today, Providence City has partnered with Away Days Football to create a line of clothes with the intent of supporting the Project Goal charity. Project Goal was founded in 2004 with the purpose of being a “tutoring and mentoring initiative inspiring academic success through the reward of soccer.” The after school program meets twice a week with students, providing tutoring from teachers partnered with an equal amount of time training with licensed soccer coaches. The goal is to get the kids to achieve in the classroom by promising development on the field. The success of the program has been outstanding - of the kids served by the program, there is a “96% high school graduation rate with 90% going on to college.”


The partnership with Away Days Football (full disclosure, Away Days is an advertiser on this website) has resulted in a small lineup of clothes that features both brands’ iconic logos on a set of tshirts, as well as two hoodies featuring “Providence” and their badge. The collection is rounded out by two $3 stickers. Pre-ordering is only available till 3/10. All profits from the pre-order sale will go to Project Goal. Away Days is best known for their $25 mystery kit box, but offers a range of clothing in many different designs.

If you’d like to pre-order some of this clothing and, in doing so, support Project Goal, go to AwayDaysFootball. You can also visit ProjectGoal if you’d like more information about the charity.

- Dan Vaughn