Matt Kahla added to FC Waco


FC Waco just released the announcement that Matt Kahla would be joining the club as Senior Vice President. Kahla has an extended CV with the UPSL, running his own club, Keene FC, and serving as the Central Conference Manager. He’s a leader and innovator in lower tier soccer, showing vision and the courage to take chances. Earlier this year, Keene announced the creation of an app that allows access to tremendous amount of club information, including match stats and available tickets. One of the first of its kind, Keene has used it effectively this season to communicate with followers of their team.

The addition of Matt Kahla to FC Waco is a wise move but leaves some questions unanswered by the press release. Is Kahla stepping down from Keene FC? If not, isn’t there conflict of interest issues that will arise? If he is stepping down, where does this leave Keene FC? These questions will need to be resolved moving forward, but for FC Waco, this is a great get.

To check out the FC Waco Announcement, here’s the link.

- Dan Vaughn