New Year's Resolutions

We asked our writers to all give a single New Year’s Resolution. Happy New Year! We’d love to hear your resolutions as well!

Dan - Play Soccer IRL

I’m a FIFA player or was until my kid took over my life.  I have the traditional pudgy body of a guy who plays video games and I despise exercising. Funny for a guy who edits a soccer website. Needless to say, 2019 should be the year I cross the white lines and put my foot to the ball. Yeah, I’m 40 and that seems intimidating, but I love this game and want to play. Count me in.

Steven - Play Soccer IRL

I have to copy Dan on this one. This year I packed on the pounds and not in a good way. In 2017 I trained about 3-4 times a week out at the park. I put out cones, ran drills and practiced my ball work. I managed to get multiple friends out tpo play small sided rondo-esque games and they weren’t even fans of the game. I have to get back to that. I watch so much soccer, so now it’s time to lace up my boots again, pump up my balls and get back out there, maybe even join an adult league.

Shawn - Try to be more open to debates within the soccer-verse

I’m sure if you were to scroll through my timeline from the beginning of my time on Twitter until now, you’ll find that I’ve been very abrasive and confrontational.  I admit I have a hard time keeping my annoyance in check but I’ve gotten better with it over time. However, I’m striving to do better and want to invite the conversation and debate on to my timeline.  I hope to see differing opinions in the long run and look to open my mind a bit more.

Phil - Find my next job

2019 is big for me as it marks my transition from Active military service. There are a lot of things that go along with that and I am trying to make the transition as smooth as possible for myself. I know that has nothing to do with soccer but hopefully my move facilitates more involvement in the local soccer community where I end up and more freedom to cover the game that I love so much.

Dominic - Pursue Opportunities on and off the pitch

Despite spraining my foot toward the end of the season, I was able to have a really fun time playing intramural soccer this fall. I hadn’t played proper 11v11 soccer in a long time and finally getting down and playing felt great, especially since my foot healed well. I also hope to continue to pursue good opportunities off the field, especially including the continued work for Protagonist.

Josh – Less Video Games, More Reading and Sleeping

As I near completing Red Dead Redemption 2, I realize it has largely consumed a great deal of my free time, and time which used to time I dedicated to essential functions of life… like eating or sleeping. Having received a few books for Christmas, I’m looking forward to reading those and maybe even finding my actual bed once in a while. I imagine an after effect of sleeping, eating and drinking water regularly, combined with reading will be a stimulation of the intellectual components in my brain-housing group… heck, I just may be able to write a few pieces for Protagonist in 2019.

Brian -- Further cement myself in the US Soccer Storytelling Universe

I have spent 20 years writing for the Capital Newspaper in Annapolis. Yes, the one with the deadly shooting this past June. I have covered high school and collegiate athletics that entire time and I value the education I continue to get from speaking to eager 15, 16 and 17-year-olds and their coaches. I went to England two years ago and wrote a book with my best friend on the English Premier League from the perspective of an American who loves the sport (but, like most Americans, never played beyond high school). I went to England again this past fall to write the second edition of the book, and spent this past summer criss-crossing the United States to write a book on baseball stadiums. In between, I fell in love with my local club, Christos FC, and am now going as far down the rabbit hole as I can to tell stories of players, coaches, clubs and cities that play and support this beautiful game in the United States. I was a goalkeeper, so I am not going to pretend that I can go in-depth on the X’s and O’s of formations and the like, but I can get you into the atmosphere and ready to chant and sing and throw some smoke for your side.

Oh yeah, and I want to lose 75 pounds so my kids will stop looking at pictures of me playing soccer and baseball in college and asking me if I was anorexic.