Thor FC


Asgardians rejoice, your King is home! Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard with that but recently I came across a club on Twitter that really caught my attention, Thor FC. I decided to get in touch with the club and find out more about them.

Before we talk about the club, can you tell everyone who you are and your role within the club?

Yes, Hi! My name is Austin Healy, I’m from the Twin Cities, I’m 20 years old. I’m the founder of Thor Football Club.

What is your background in soccer?

I’ve had somewhat of a nomadic soccer experience. I played 1 year at Eastview HS in Apple Valley, MN. I played with Metro United Homeschool Soccer for 2 years. I played for Dakota Rev (now Salvo SC) for a year. I played with Eagan Wave for half a season. I played 2 years of college ball at North Central University. I played with Turbo Sports FC the last 2 seasons as well. I’ve coached with Eastview Athletic Association, The Tony Sanneh Foundation, Fusion Soccer Club, and next year I’ll be with Salvo SC. Through all these groups I’ve been with I’ve got to know a ton of great people and see how these organizations are run, which has helped me start this project.

When was the club initially formed and what was the catalyst to start your own club?

The club officially kicked off last week. But I’ve been working with various start up clubs for 2 years now. I’ve had my own ideas and just waited until I had the right group of people who believed in my ideas as well. I’m a business student and I felt that some clubs are purely a sports team. I haven’t seen a lot of business minded people in the industry of low level amateur soccer. So I think for me I wanted to play and be part of a group that was business minded while also sports focused. I didn’t find that in the way I wanted so I started Thor F.C. Essentially I have a similar vision on the pitch as many clubs, but administratively I feel I bring a whole different game and mentality.

You have an interesting name for the club. Did the rumors/stories of Vikings reaching Minnesota play any part in the naming of the club?

Short answer: Kinda. Scandinavian culture and history has played a huge part in shaping the culture of Minnesota and the Minneapolis area. I myself am part Scandinavian. So the name has more to do with the culture here than anything. Why I choose Thor specifically is he’s the hero of all the old tales. So why not have our famed god of thunder on the badge?!

What league do you play in?

it’s not 100% official yet, but we’ll join the Minnesota Amateur Soccer League (MASL). It’s a great competition with a Promotion/Relegation system in place and has some really good squads that compete there as well.

Where do you play your games?

Still working out the details, but hoping/planning for Richfield, MN. It’s a great community south of Minneapolis with some great fields that met our needs. I’ve grown up in that area as well. Its like a second hometown for me because my best friends growing up live in Richfield. I’d love to play there and give back to that community if we can seal a deal.

What are some short term and long term goals for the club?

Short term, we want to really develop ourselves as a club and establish our club culture. Of course we’re always going to aim for success on the pitch, but we’ll let those goals form once next season roles around. Long term, I personally see this club as a dominant presence in the state and in the region down the road. I’d love to see us enter on the national stage, but we want to prove ourselves locally and have multiple teams established within the club before we make that jump.

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a club and as owner/operator of the club? Do you see these challenges as insurmountable?

As a club, money is always gonna be the primary concern early on and where we raise that money as well is an issue that’s on all our minds. For me personally, I think pulling my ideas and implementing them into reality can be difficult. I have big dreams, but my challenge is finding out what is reasonable and what is not. What can I do now and what should I wait to do until later. Do I see either of these challenges as insurmountable? No. I’ve got a great group of people around me that I fully trust so I feel very confident looking down the road.

How have these challenges changed your views of the soccer landscape, if at all?

In a way, yes. I have a ton of respect for anyone who has started this journey that Thor F.C is starting now. There are so many clubs out there right now in Minnesota and the US in general and I think that’s awesome. Each one has a group behind the scenes making magic happen and I see that more clearly now. The world we’re entering as a club has a load of talented individuals and really cool people. I’m excited now more than ever to get to work and join that community.

If there is anything else you’d like to share about the club, please don’t hesitate to tell us. I want to make sure everyone gets a good look at your club and generate more interest in the club.

Well we have plenty of news coming through the pipes here soon. But what I can share now is our vision statement and how it’ll be played out. The goals and vision of Thor Football Club’s is to bring quality soccer to the South Metro of the Twin Cities, grow local talent, and positively impact the communities around us. Obviously we want to compete and win this next season and in future seasons. We want to give our players a step up to move on to the next level. We believe there’s plenty of talent across the twin cities that’s just in need of that little boost up. We’re also not just a soccer team. We want to volunteer in our community and really start to establish ourselves as neighbors and friends as much as we are soccer players and a soccer club. So that being said, anyone who’s interested in finding out more about how to join Thor F.C can email us directly at We’re looking for volunteers, staff, and players who want to be a positive impact in their community and be part of great group of people that have big goals and dreams.

To all the clubs in the MASL and throughout Minnesota, keep an eye out for this young upstart club. Otherwise, they’re liable to drop Mjolnir on your heads and take the title of Kings of the North.