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We often say “Support Local Soccer,” but what does that really mean? Does it mean local soccer in the MLS? The USL? A National Amateur League? At Protagonist Soccer, we’re becoming more and more convinced that regional soccer leagues are just as important as their more famous national counterparts. With that in mind, we shine the Spotlight on Monmouth Generals FC, a club about to launch in the Garden State Soccer League. John Frusciante, club president, sat down in the hot seat to answer our questions.

You are preparing for the 2019 season, can you talk about what your club is doing to get ready for play?

We are out and about throughout the towns in Monmouth County, New Jersey handing our flyers and connecting with local businesses and soccer fans. We are currently in the process of building our roster ahead of our inaugural season. 

What's been the biggest challenge so far?

The biggest challenge so far has been the outreach. When you start something new, people might be hesitant because they not much about you or your organization. Thats why we are out and about with to spread the word. 
What's the level of play in the Garden State Soccer League?

The Garden State Soccer League is a good level of play. There are clubs from the league that fans across the country might of heard of because of their success in the U.S Open Cup, such as Jackson Lions and FC Motown. 

Monmouth is home to two other amateur soccer clubs on our radar, FC Monmouth and Monmouth Light FC. How's the soccer culture in Monmouth? Is there enough to sustain so many clubs?

As you mentioned there  are two other Monmouth soccer teams, which is good for the area. There are dozens of youth teams, which the young players are the future of the game. Monmouth County has a population over 600,000, which can sustain three soccer teams. Each club is based out of a different town of Monmouth County. 

Can you talk about crest and kit design? Who's the angry guy on your crest?

Yes, the Monmouth Generals logo, is based from the Battle of Monmouth which  was an American Revolutionary War battle fought on June 28, 1778, in Monmouth County, New Jersey. The angry guy you mention is the General, he represents the battle in Monmouth County. 

Our home kits are striped with red and white with our main partner across the chest, Umberto's Pizza, a pizzeria in Fair Haven, NJ. The away kit is Blue, with red at the bottom of the jersey. 

Your president has a famous name, but apparently he's not THAT John Frusciante. Has that name opened any doors? Or is that a pain in the butt personally and/or professionally?

I might be related to the real John Frusciante, who knows. No, it has not opened any doors. Honestly it has just been a pain because when you tell someone your name they bring up the famous guitarist. 

What are the club goals for this upcoming season? In 5 years?

7) Our goals for the upcoming season is to bring the community together for our inaugural season. In 5 years we hope to playing in a more professional stadium which will give our fans a better match day experience. Lastly we hope to have proven ourselves in the local market and hope to make the move to the next level. 

Most local clubs either focus on talent development (that generally moves on) or building a brand identity and fan base. Which is Monmouth or is there some other driving force altogether?

We are focused on building our club identity and fan base. With a fan base, we can do anything as a club from hosting friendlies, moving to the next level and much more. 



Talk about your coaching staff. who's running the show? What's their background?

Monmouth Generals FC Head Coach is Carlos Figueroa, is the former head coach of Princeton FC, Next Level Soccer Academy, assistant coach of Bucks County Community College and assistant of the Pennington School. Currently Carlos is the Head Coach of Monmouth Generals FC and Co-Founder of ELITE FOOTBALL GROUP, a company that helps soccer players achieve a great experience with training overseas and are looking to take the next step in soccer. 

Tell us something about your club that we HAVE to know.

- Admission to all home games is free of charge for our inaugural season in the Garden State Soccer League 

- Fans across the country can get closer to the club today if they sign up for our free Generals Official Membership. Fans will receive a Birthday Message, invitation to exclusive club events and all the latest news.

Lola Vaughn