BeSea FC


The Western Washington Premier League is headed into their second season in 2019. With this comes expansion and one of the teams joining the league is BeSea FC out of Bellevue, Washington. I had the chance to talk to the man who will be running the club, Eduardo Millán. As the head coach for both Highline High School and Bellevue College, Millán is already pulling double duty, but he is still excited for this new adventure. Check out my interview with him below! 

Who’s idea was it to start the club? 

Everything started with an email I received from the league a few months ago. The league was looking for teams to join their league and after giving it some thought, and discussing with my coaching staff and my family, I’ve decided to move forward with this idea. 

What does BeSea mean?
The idea for BeSea FC came about after much thought, and many other names in between. I wanted a name that people could identify with, a name with personality and strength. What better than combining two of the biggest cities in the Northwest – Bellevue and Seattle? BeSea means to be powerful and fearless like the sea. To me it represents growth, evolution, dreams, competitiveness, all anchored down with deep rooted values and the highest standards possible. 

When / How will you look for players? 

The soccer community in the Northwest is well connected, and somehow we all know of each other. Our goal is to find collegiate players, alumni players, high school graduates, and anyone who is open to learn from one another and become a better soccer player and a better person. We are going to ask coaches to invite their players to our tryouts, we are going dive into social media (Facebook, and Twitter) looking for players, and obviously asking players to bring a friend or two to join the team – hopefully. 

What made the club decide to join the WWPL? 

The league seems to be very competitive and it has a good a vision of where it wants to go. In order to push our players and coaches to the next level, we need to compete with the best. 

What will the club mean to the Bellevue community? 

With time, we hope to be a well-known team in the area, not just because of the game itself, but also because of what we do off the field for our communities, for the youth and businesses in the area. 

Do you guys plan to work with the community to help charities?

Absolutely! Our goal is to help and assist others whenever possible. 

What is the best way for fans to get involved and/or following the club? 

We are still working on the details for this. We need volunteers and people that want to see this project grow. We have many open opportunities for those great minds to come on board. We also hope to build strong partnerships with local businesses and companies that can help the project reach higher places. 

What is BeSea FC’s main goal? 

The goal is to provide players the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive and rewarding environment that emphasizes player development in a competitive way. We are an elite team looking for many talented players out there that go unseen, some may need a second opportunity; we want to expose as many of these players to colleges in the area or professional opportunities. 

Do you already have an idea of how you guys want to play tactically?
We want to outnumber our opponent in key areas of the field, be able to move the ball with fluidity, and be efficient in the attack. All of these while giving the opposition the least amount of opportunities to score. 

- Aarik Long