AC Miracle Hill


What is your name and role with AC Miracle Hill?
My name is Rigoberto Escobedo, Co-founder and President. Management and Operations.

What is your background in the beautiful game?

I grew up with soccer my whole life. Starting out playing AYSO and then moved on to playing club soccer towards the end of my teenage years. As an adult, I played soccer at our local Sunday league and indoor soccer league. Also, I've been a die-hard FIFA gamer since 2001, and have not stopped playing ever since!

What inspired your name and crest?

We wanted to create club that represented our hometown, Desert Hot Springs. The name Miracle Hill was a nickname given to the city of Desert Hot Springs by Cabot Yerxa, Desert Hot Springs' first settler. My brother and I also have an admiration for Italian soccer. So with all that combined, came the name AC Miracle Hill. Growing up in the desert, all you see are the windmills. We felt the windmills was a symbol that anyone in any city in the Coachella Valley can relate to.

What has been the biggest challenges going into your first season within the UPSL?

Getting sponsors and funding. Everyone in our staff, including myself, work full-time jobs and have no time during regular work hours to meet face-to-face with potential community partners. But we're working hard making calls, writings emails, and sending DM's to reach out to our local businesses to make things happen.

In your short existence you have already managed to gather a few staff members. How have you achieved that and what tips can you give to other clubs that have yet to find volunteer help?

Transparency and the opportunity to grow.

Transparency - Everyone knows what everyone does. We all see where the money comes from and where it goes.

Growth Opportunity - We believe in our staff members and their abilities. We give them the opportunity to learn from working directly with the players, the clubs, and the community. We want all our staff members to get a real experience that will help them in their next big opportunity.

What was the process in finding head coach Brian Benjume and what is his previous soccer experience?

Brian Benjume started his career training Mexican club, Pachuca Youth Academy. He then went on to play for Arsenal FC-US Academy, San Diego Flash, Sport Club Corinthians USA-NPSL, Inland Empire FC-UPSL, and now as a Player/Coach with AC Miracle Hill. Brian Benjume is a desert local that knows soccer and we feel lucky to have him on our side. With his positive attitude and determination, we know he will make a great impact on the club, the players, and the supporters.

When will be the club’s first match?

We will be receiving more info on our league schedule early in the new year. But we know our season will start the first weekend of March.

What is the main goal of AC Miracle Hill?

Our goal is to be the best professional development program in the Coachella Valley and surrounding areas, and to have the highest amount of pro and national players to come out of one club.

What role does the lower leagues play in the U.S. Soccer landscape?

It’s a great way for players to develop their skills and mentality to prepare for higher level play.

How do you feel about the current state of soccer in our country?

It's all messed up! But we got 2 options, we can keep complaining about how awful US Soccer structure is or actually do something to change it.

Is there any additional information you would like to share?

To any viewer:

If you love soccer and your from the Coachella Valley, then you'll love AC Miracle Hill!

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