What's in the Box?! - Napa Valley 1839 FC’s Mysterious Way of Promoting Local Soccer

Napa Valley 1839 FC has plenty this year to separate itself from its NPSL peers. Whether it was raising thousands of dollars for cancer research or a match against Mexican giant Club America, the team that has been in existence for only two years continues to make a big splash on the local soccer community. So, it’s no surprise that when most clubs were publicizing their Black Friday deals on selected gear, Napa had something else that would catch the eyes of online shoppers.


While many teams have selective deals on jerseys, scarfs, etc., Napa went a different route and one that makes the buying process a little more exciting. For $40, Napa Valley offers a mystery box which includes gear that can surpass $70 in value. Speaking with club owner Joshua Goss, he explains that with the holidays approaching, the buying process should be a little more exciting than usual and he knew the perfect way.

“Why the mystery box...well we are in the holiday season and everyone (well most) loves a surprise.   After looking at what gear we had available and how we can have fun with a holiday push we decided to do a mystery box.”

So now comes the most important question, what’s in the box?

“Minimal there will be $70-$75 worth in retail value But could be more. We have just received some new products and what better way to get people to talk about it when they get it in the mystery box.  All in all this is just something fun to receive and fun for us who are packing them.”

IMG_9190 (1).jpg

Whether it’s a flag, hoodie, jersey, or even a wine cork, there is something in the mystery box for everyone. It’s the perfect way to show support for local soccer, which was Joshua’s motivation for the exciting holiday deal.

“Having merchandise available for fans to purchase is great.  It’s fun to design and see the new items. But I think the best part is being out in the community and seeing kids and adults wearing the gear. Seeing kids in our local soccer programs wearing the jerseys to practice is amazing.”

The day after I received my mystery box, I wore my Napa/Club America scarf to work, it only took ten minutes on the train before I was asked about Napa’s team and how in the world it played Club America. While the items in the box may be a mystery, it’s obvious what Joshua and Napa are doing this holiday season is a successful way of promoting local soccer.

- Jason Weintraub